Day 1: Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad, January 12, 2012

We arrived at Asa Wright Nature Centre about 10 am after a ride up a winding, one lane road into the rain forest. Thankfully, we didn’t have to drive. Our driver Emile, working for Gail’s Exclusive Tour Services, Ltd., was very adept at navigating the twists and turns of the road.

Check in time was not until noon, so we stashed our suitcases and parked ourselves on the famous verandah at Asa Wright. We quickly added about 23 life birds to our list, plus agoutis (a rodent similar to our rabbit) and tegu (tiger?) lizards (about two feet long).

There is always a guide stationed on the verandah and they are all equally knowleadgeable about the wildlife of the area. Even though we had a bird book specific for Trinidad and Tobago, Birds of Trinidad and Tobago  by Kenefick, Restall & Hayes, 2nd ed., we would have taken far too long to identify the many hummingbirds we saw.

After a family style lunch and getting our gear to the cabin, we took several walks around the property and spent quite a bit of time on the verandah. We saw leaf cutter ants carrying their leaves on their back and saw lots of dropped leaves along the trail.

We saw a daytime bat. We thought at first it was a moth or butterfly, but the flight was unmistakable.

Afternoon tea is served at 4 and rum punch is poured at 6 with dinner following at 7. We had had a very long two days traveling here so we retired to our cabin about 8:30.

Meals are all buffet with all different people sitting together family style. We were able to meet a lot of new people – the majority were Brits – who had the same interests as we did. Everyone would walk into the dining room after hearing the gong, and put their cameras, book and binoculars down before heading to the buffet table.

Life Birds Seen Day 1

  • Rufous -Breasted Hermit
  • Green Hermit
  • White-necked Jacobin
  • Tufted Coquette
  • Blue-tailed Emerald
  • White-chested Emerald
  • Copper-Rumped Hummingbird
  • Long-Billed Starthroat
  • Great Kiskadee
  • White -Bearded Manakin
  • Golden-headed Manakin
  • Southern Rough-Winged Swallow
  • Rufous-Breasted Wren
  • Cocoa Thrush
  • Spectacled Thrush (Bare-eyed Robin)
  • Tropical Mockingbird
  • Bananaquit
  • White-Lined Tanager
  • Silver-Beaked Tanager
  • Blue –Gray Tanager
  • Palm Tanager
  • Bay-Headed Tanager
  • Purple Honeycreeper
  • Green Honeycreeper
  • Crested Oropendola
  • Violeceous Euphonia

Also Seen:

  • Turkey Vulture
  • Cattle Egret
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2 thoughts on “Day 1: Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad, January 12, 2012

  1. Lisa

    So glad I stumbled on your blog. My husband and I have Trinidad on our list of places to visit for birding. Your list is spectacular. Have you been to Panama yet? We are planning a Panama trip this Spring.

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