Day 3: Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad, January 14, 2012

Birding on the terrace at 6 am again. We saw all the beautiful hummingbirds, tanagers, bananaquits, and honeycreepers, and got our first look at the Blue-Crowned Motmot. After breakfast, we finally took our Orientation Hike with Elsa.

We saw both the Golden-headed Manakin and the White-throated Manakin. And we chased the Bearded Bellbird back and forth up the trail and down. Even though we didn’t ever catch a glimpse of it, the sound alone was thrilling!

Steph and I took several hikes before lunch and then went to get ready for our trip to Pax Guesthouse at the Mount St. Benedict Monestary.

Our driver Harry took us to Pax Guesthouse where we had delicious tea and saw a Blue- Grey Tanager, a Yellow Oriole and the Great Kiskadees. We also got a closer look at the Orange-Winged Parrots that had been teasing us so far.

Harry drove us by a steel drum panyard where school children were practicing for an upcoming competion during Carnival. They were gracious enough to talk with us afor a few minutes and let us take pictures while they practiced.

Back to the terrace for rum punch and, after supper, a night hike.

We heard the Ferruginous Oygmy Owl, saw the Great Ant Shrike as it was roosting for the night. Saw two tarantulas and glow worms and land crabs and tiny frogs. Back to the cabin for showers, looking over the day’s photos and bed.

Life Birds Seen Day 3

At Asa Wright

  • Blue-Crowned Motmot
  • Blue-Chinned Sapphire
  • Channel-Billed Toucan
  • Great Antshrike
  • Turquoise Tanager

At Pax Guesthouse

  • Yellow Oriole
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