Day 4 Blue Waters Inn, Tobago January 15, 2012

On our last morning at Asa Wright, we had just a few hurried minutes on the verandah before Harry picked us up to take us to the airport.

I saw a kingfisher along the way, but had too hurried a glance on the highway to identify it.

After checking in at the airport, Harry showed us around. Soon we were on our 2 prop plane to Tobago. When we landed, we immediately noticed a different atmosphere – a slower paced and much calmer atmosphere. We were met at the airport by Nigel Wilson, Marketing Officer of the Division of Tourism and Transportation, Tobago House of Assembly. He gave us each a nice cloth carry bag with maps and information about the island.

He introduced us to our drive Deanne who is the wife of Newton George, of N.G. Nature Tours.  We really enjoyed our time with her. She drove us along the coast road to Speyside, about an hour and a half drive. She stopped first at the Scarborough Botanical Gardens so we could photograph it and also stopped at the top of Speyside for another photo opportunity. She showed us where she lived in Speyside and said her husband would be stopping by to give us our itinerary while we were on Tobago.

Our room at the Blue Waters Inn wasn’t ready yet so we ate lunch while we were waiting. The Shipwreck Bar is right on the beach and Ruddy Turnstones run around by your feet as you eat. We decided since the water was a little rough we would wait to take the glass bottom boat trip until tomorrow.

We had been go, go, go the whole trip so far and decided we needed to have some beach time and swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Again, as we were swimming, we experienced the downpour of the tropics. I ran to take the camera and binoculars into the room and then the rain passed, as it does in the , and the sun came out. We went out for more swimming and aconversation with the other lodgers.

Newton George came by after we had cleaned up for supper. He had previous engagement for tomorrow, so he arranged for Dianne to take us to the Argyle Waterfall and Randy to take us on the Little Tobago tour.

As we were standing making these plans, he noticed the Ruby Topaz Hummingbird at one of the feeders a few doors down from our room. Steph grabbed the camera and took photos of it.

Newton left and then almost immediately called to us to come look. A Trinidad Motmot had flown up on the second story and was perched on a porch light up there!

A British couple came to look also and after Newton left, we talked with them until dark. One of the many great things about this trip has been meeting up with fellow birders from all over the world.

We had supper and then went back to the room porch for tea, postcard writing, and looking over the pictures.

We went to sleep with the sound of the ocean in our ears.

Life Birds Seen Day 4

  • Magnificent Frigatebird
  • Ruddy Turnstones
  • Ruby Topaz Hummingbird

Other Birds Seen:

  • Brown Pelicans
  • Bananaquit
  • Tropical Mockingbird
  • Copper-Rumped Hummingbird
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