Day 6 Blue Waters Inn, Tobago January 17, 2012

We had arranged for a packed breakfast as Newton George, our guide for the day, had recommended. He picked us up at 6 AM for our trip to the Main Ridge Nature Preserve.

We first stopped at a small wetland – down an alley and behind someone’s garden – and looked at water birds. We saw a black-crowned night heron, yellow-crowned night heron, tricolored heron and semi-palmated plovers.

We then went up the road into the rain forest, stopping along the way to check out some birds. Newton is always birding – never turns it off. He sees or hears everything!

We saw a great black hawk on the ridge – both flying and sitting on a bare tree limb.

After eating our breakfast beside the road while birding, we had amazing hikes through the rainforest.  We saw many different birds, including a White-Tailed Saberwing on its nest. Newton is a very patient guide as we sometimes struggled to see a bird that he could plainly see. We had a front row look at the blue-backed manakin on its lek as it displayed. During one hike, we ran tino some of our acquaintances from Asa Wright!

We also got a great look at a Yellow-Headed Caracara. It flew down in front of us onto a cow’s back and then up into a tree. Steph was able to get many good pictures of it. She has always wanted to see one so she was pleased.

We headed down to Speyside and Jemma’s to eat lunch. We met another couple (Brits) who were going out to Little Tobago with Newton in the afternoon.

At Jemma’s you have a choice of fish or chicken. Along with your main dish comes cassava pie, mixed provisions which included christophene, some sort of root fritter – all very delicious. Jemma’s looked like a shack on the outside, but the dining area was to the back looking over the sea.

We went back to the Blue Waters Inn and Steph and I walked up and down to the old sugar mill. After our walk Steph went out for another swim while I finished what little packing we needed to do. We very sorrowfully checked out and Dianne picked us up to take us to the airport.

The trip was detoured twice: once by road work and once by a truck that had missed the curve and overturned almost on another car.

She got us checked into the airport and then took us to a craft kiosk area where we bought several souvenirs. The flight back to Trinidad was uneventful. We took the shuttle back to the Holiday Inn Express, had room service and then went to bed.


Life Birds Seen Day 6

  1. Black-Crowned Night Heron
  2. Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
  3. Green Heron
  4. Yellow-headed Caracara
  5. Semi-Palmated Plover
  6. Pale-Vented Pigeon
  7. Greater Ani
  8. Smooth-billed Ani
  9. White-tailed Sabrewing (on its nest)
  10. Red-Crowned Woodpecker
  11. Red-Rumped Woodpecker
  12. Golden-Olive Woodpecker
  13. Oliveacous Woodcreeper
  14. Cocoa Woodcreeper
  15. Venezuelan  Flycatcher
  16. Brown-Crested Flycatcher
  17. Blue-backed Manakin
  18. Black-faced Grassquit
  19. Giant Cowbird
  20. Shiney Cowbird

Also Seen:

  • White-necked Jacobin
  • Blue-crowned Motmot
  • House Wren
  • Tropical Mockingbird
  • White-lined Tanager
  • Palm Tanager
  • Blue-grey Tanager
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