American Kestrel Partnership

We went to a program at Cool Creek Nature Center presented by the Indiana Audubon Society’s conservation chair Jeff Canada on the American Kestrel Partnership,, a project of the Peregrine Fund, He gave a PowerPoint presentation on the nest box monitoring program and talked about the decline of the American Kestrels. He had an example of a next box and told us how to position and monitor them.

DSC_0005[1]Also at the program was Patti Reynolds from the Indiana Raptor Center in Brown County, Indiana, with her American Kestrel Patrick. Patrick was a very congenial subject and did not mind having his photo taken.

He said our property should be able to support 2 nest boxes, so we are going to try to put them up this year and monitor them. (if hubby ROC can brave the cold garage/workshop and put them together in time for nesting season!)

I’m also thinking about putting them on my childhood home property which my sister still owns. She has about 7 acres there that should be good habitat for Kestrels.

We regularly have a pair nesting on our property in an old maple on the far southeast of the property. The maple is in danger of being cut down by the power company – it has had a red X painted on it for about 3 years now. I hope they have forgotten about it. HP0004

Over the years we have had interesting encounters with the young kestrels. We had one on the ground and a big dog who regularly escaped from our neighbor’s about a mile to the south of us was nosing around it. In lieu of leather gloves, daughter took an old oven mitt and carefully picked it up and put it in the crotch of the maple tree.

Last summer the kestrel family was practicing their aerobatics over and around the house, as I was out working in the blackberries.

DSC_0070I’m hoping we can put the nest box in another maple tree just north of the present one in hopes that they will find that one acceptable and move out before the power company removes the one closer to the road (and the power line).

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