Tenants in the Blackberry Patch

DSC_0068I meant to post something last summer about the bird nests in my blackberry patch. But the demands of maintaining the patch and the garden keep me from having much time or energy left at the end of the day to do much blogging.

I planted 3 blackberry plants 21 years ago when we first moved to the property. They have now expanded to a patch about 25 by 35 feet which we have semi-tamed. At one point it was an impenetrable mess. Now we have rows in it that we can walk down to pick the berries fairly well.

DSC_0485The birds absolutely love the brambles as a place to build their nests. Last year at one point we had a mourning dove nest, 3 chipping sparrow nests, a cardinal nest, and a brown thrasher nest.

One year robins nested right on top of the fencepost and we came home from church and the Red-tailed Hawk was raiding the nest. The babies were all dead, but left in the nest for several days before they disappeared. The parents were frantic.DSC_0072

Having nests in the berries during the peak season is very difficult. The parents don’t appreciate it when I come by to pick. And it always seems that the biggest berries are just right around the nest!! But I am very careful not to go too close and to wait until the mother has flown off and quickly pick by them.

I am going to keep a better log this summer of the nests, dates etc.

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