Eagle Nest

Last Sunday, daughter and I picked up my sister and drove her to Rock River Landing to see the Eagle nest there on Sugar Creek by Crawfordsville. The eagle was very cooperative and had arrived 3 minutes before we did, according to another DSC_0176birder who was photographing the bird.

I was thrilled for her to see it. I don’t know if she has ever seen one and this one is less than 30 minutes from her home and is an easy drive to get there. There is no hiking over hill and dale to see it. Pull in the parking lot, park by the Portapotty and look to the northeast in a big sycamore and there the VW bug-sized nest is in plain view. The eagle was sitting in a sycamore just across Sugar Creek just waiting for photographers to snap its picture.

We have only seen one each time we have been there. Hopefully its mate is alive and well and will soon be sitting on its new brood.

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2 thoughts on “Eagle Nest

  1. lanna

    As my husband and I were leaving the trail last evening at around 5:20 the very large eagle’s nest caught our eye. The eagle was perched directly above the nest.

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