Signs of Spring

What are the signs of Spring to you? I have a few touchstone species that always give me hope in the midst of the cold, wintry and very long February!

Robins. I saw my first one on the property this year on January 31. Although they are not my definitive species as we generally have overwintering robins in some of the surrounding cities, I still like to see them.

Skunk Cabbage. Any plant that can bloom in the midst of the icy marsh has my vote as a harbinger of Spring. Check out Jim McCormac’s blog post about skunk cabbage and my previous mentions of this species…

Skunks. Always noticeable this time of year are all the dead skunks in the middle of the road! And also very noticeable the other evening was the smell of the skunk on our front and back porches. One probably ran into the fat opossums eating out of my tray feeder.

Killdeer. We heard our first killdeer of the year as we were hanging up the kestrel box on Sunday.

Turkey Vultures. We always are quite excited to see our first turkey vultures of the year, which we saw February 17 this year. There is nothing like watching turkey vultures lazily drifting in the thermals on a sunny day. I often wish I could be up there with them being lifted and turned by the warm thermals.

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