Sand Hills at Lye Creek Burn

DSC_0402We’d had a fruitless birding trip Sunday so far. We went to Oak Hill Cemetery in Crawfordsville. I had seen an old report that Crossbills had been observed there in December and knew it was a long shot that they would still be there, but it was 64 degrees and sunny and we needed a birding trip!

We didn’t see any.

We decided to swing by Rock River Landing and see if the eagles were on the nest yet.

We didn’t see any.

We did see a huge flock of red-winged blackbirds on our way there though.

DSC_0330We decided to go back home by way of Lye Creek Burn to see if we could see anything. I knew it would be too soggy to drive back to the viewing platform, but thought we could pull in and see what we could see.

We didn’t have to pull in. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of Sandhill Cranes on both sides of the road for more than a mile. At one point there were several on the road itself.

We also saw a wood duck pair, some unidentifiable gull-like birds and heard spring peepers. I also saw a meadowlark on the way home.


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