Hummingbirds Gone?

I haven’t seen hummingbirds at the feeders for about a week now. I guess it’s time for the changing of the guard – hummingbird and oriole feeders down and seed feeders up.

The robins are still here. We see them on the wires as we walk to the creek in the evenings. The crops are being harvested now around our property. We are going from being totally surrounded by corn on all four sides to being able to see our neighbors a half mile away! It takes some getting used to. Instead of having sounds of the vehicles muffled by the corn, they sound like they are coming into our yard!

Trees are beginning to change colors. The funny thing is the grass is “spring” green and lush since the rains we’ve had the past two weeks. We’ve gone from dry, droughty conditions to having to mow again.

I need to get caught up on my posts. Summer has been very busy with the garden and abundant harvest of vegetables and apples. We didn’t have much chance to hike this summer

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