International Vulture Awareness Day

As always, I’m late with this post. In honor of International Vulture Awareness Day, which was September 5. I am posting my daughter’s pictures of a local hangout. For some reason, this nearby town’s water tower is a favorite resting place for the turkey vultures around here. Quite often this is the first place we see them in the spring and the last in the fall. Vultures are one of our very favorite birds. They bring such a longing to soar and ride the thermals in my soul. Restless longings.


It’s not just vultures in Indiana, either. My daughter took a picture in Texas last November of Black Vultures sitting on a water tower!

Of course, the Turkey Vultures also spend time soaring over our house.


We also saw a huge kettle several years ago on US 231, as we were southbound towards Spencer, Indiana.

turkey vultures 001

turkey vultures 002

turkey vultures 003

turkey vultures 004

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