Half Way Recap -July 1, 2016

StPk Centeniel Tshirt 3682

We are halfway through the year and I thought it would be a good time to sum up our Bicentennial progress. We’ve been to 19 Bicentennial Birding Big Year Properties with 16 left to visit.

We have seen 71 birds in the state parks and 53 in the rest of non-state park Indiana. which leaves 29 more to get in a state park and 47 in the rest of the state.County List 2016_3753

We have been to 45 of the 92 counties wich leaves 47 left to visit. This is a new and added goal for our Bicentennial year – to visit all 92 counties. I wish I’d taken pictures of all the courthouses as we go through the county seats, but I just wasn’t thinking. Someday I will do this!

At this point, I have all my education and volunteer hours for my Advanced Indiana Master Naturalist certification for the year. And I’ve walked 50.75 miles in the state parks this year.

It’s been interesting so far and I’m excited to see what the second half of the year has in store!


I’m still having terrible struggles with my computer and picture file compatibility. Hopefully someday I’ll get that figured out. I have no way of accessing my photos or dropbox except by emailing them by my iphone to my email. I have 6 drafts ready to publish as soon as I am able to get photos uploaded.

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