State Park Day Blitz

Whitewater Memorial State Park – June 12, 2016

Mounts SRAWe arrived at Whitewater Memorial State Park at 10:15 am. As we drove around the property to get acquainted with this park, we saw several birds, but only one new one – the Cliff Swallow, actually dozens of them had their mud nests under the bridge over the spillway. SAC and I later climbed down the steps to partway down the spillway to take pictures under the bridge.

ROC and I took a short walk on Trial 2 as SAC finished up her online Sunday Bible study with two of her friends.

We all three walked on the Red Springs Loop in the Hornbeam nature preserve. It is labeled Easy-Rugged and we weren’t sure why. We did find out – the first part of the trail basically goes along side of the Whitewater Lake and is flat and wide and easily walked. At this point, one can walk back to the parking area and have a very easy hike. Or, as we did, follow trail 3 marker across the road where the rugged park comes in – up and down and narrow path with vegetation having over it with multiflora rose trying to grab you. (I’m sure this is where ROC picked up his tick, ew!)

SAC and I then waked to the underpart of the bridge as mentioned before and then onto the parking lot of the Launch Ramp/Boat Rental. We heard, but didn’t see, a flycatcher species and saw a beautiful red and white mushroom.

Whitewater Memorial SP swallows

It was a very sunny, hot, and humid day arount 90 degrees. We saw or heard 17 species of birds, saw 1 new species IBBBY – the Cliff Swallow.

We drove on to Mounds State Recreation Area and Brookville Lake. We saw 7 species of birds and didn’t really hike as we were hot and tired.

Brookville Lake

We drove home via US 52 and stopped by Metamora Whitewater Canal State Historic Site.

It was a hot, hot day, but we had a good day.

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