Monroe Lake & Brown County State Park – June 19, 2016

We decided on this 90 degree 100% humidity day (Well, I may be exaggerating a tad, but it seemed like it!) to drive down to Brown County State Park and Monroe Lake. We stopped first at Jimmy John’s in Bloomington to grab a lunch for later. Jimmy John’s is fast becoming a State Park trip tradition!

We ate lunch at the dam and tailwater area at Monroe Lake. It was hot and sunny and now birds showed except 3 turkey vultures and I did hear a cardinal. We drove around awhile and then went to Paynetown State Recreation Area. There at the Nature Activity Center, we added a nesting Barn Swallow to our IBBY Park list.

We then drove to Brown County State Park and entered through the North gatehouse by way of the double covered bridge and stopped at the Inn to get the SPRGO number. We don’t always remember to get these, but this time found both the Inn and the Park numbers. We stopped by the Nature Center which is being renovated.

Brown County Timber Rattlesnake

Brown County Timber Rattlesnake2

Steph changed her mind about this park. It has always seemed overrated as the place to go for beautiful fall colours. We feel like Montgomery County has as many beautiful trees along Sugar Creek as Brown County has, with much less traffic and people! But she decided that it is a very pretty park when you get away from crowds. And the overlooks are very nicely done – with pull-offs and picnic tables – one or two so they are not crowded. They are beautiful vistas even without the fall colours – reminiscent of the Smokies.

Brown County State Park

We walked the short .74 mile Discovery Trail the starts and ends at the Nature Center. We were able to add two more IBBY species.

New State Park IBBY Species:
Red Eyed Vireo
Yellow Billed Cuckoo

I drove home over the most curvy routes possible!

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