Zabulon Skipper

The other day is was driving home for school when I looked down and saw an insect on my leg. Since it was just a butterfly, I didn’t panic.


(I once looked down on my lap while hemmed-in during five o’clock traffic and saw an immense spider there. SAC is an arachnophobe and really I did not want a big squashed spider with all its guts on my khaki pants as we had several stops to make that day. Took some finagling but I was finally able to pull over into a parking area to rid myself of it.)

Anyway, back to the butterfly… it was a tiny thing and didn’t move much. It seemed to align itself north-south for the most part as I made the twists and turns to my house. Not sure if this was my imagination. It was probably close to 90 outside, so I imagine the vehicle was much hotter as it had been sitting in the sun all day.


I stopped in a church parking lot that is on my way home and took some quick pictures of it with my phone. When I got home and turned the vehicle off and opened the door, the butterfly flew onto the window ledge.



I was able to snap a few closer photos of it and then placed a penny next to it to show size.


I also finagled a picture of it on my finger. That’s hard to do with only two hands–it turned out blurry, so I’m not posting it!

I thought I had it identified as a Zabulon Skipper, and just a day or so later I saw this blog post, which confirmed it.

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