Eagle Creek Park – December 4

We went on a guided bird hike at Eagle Creek Park Sunday Morning at 9:00 am. This is a weekly hike for the Audubon group. We walked on the North loop about 2.84 miles and 2 hours.

We had a good time and learned how to differentiate between a Bonaparte Gull from the Ring-Billed Gull. We saw three Bonaparte gulls – a new bird for us.


We saw a barred owl roosting along one of the roads in the park.


After a snack in the Ornithology Center, we went on to Dandy Trail at a pull off and saw a lifer Pacific Loon, along with a Horned Grebe and a Common Loon. We were glad we had more experienced birders with spotting scopes there, or we wouldn’t have been sure about that ID.Three new species to add to our IBBBY list.


This is a loon. Really. We swear. 😀

This is a fantastic urban park in the 13th largest city in the US. The Ornithology Center is wonderful and the volunteers are helpful and amazing.

We had a tragic end to our birding, though, as SAC accidentally hit the lens release while we were looking for the loons. She thought it didn’t release, and found out four steps later–when the lens hit the asphalt–that it had! We ended up having to send the lens away to have it repaired.


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