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Crazy Weather!

A long spell of unusually warm weather with temps in the 60s has really changed up when we see things. Stephanie was going to the mailbox and spotted this garter snake on the gravel drive.



I went to the mailbox on November 22nd and saw that the forsythia bush was blooming. It was still blooming on November 29th.

2017-11-30 11.59.51

Doing yard work on November 4th, I noticed that one of our apple trees was blossoming! This doesn’t bode well for next year’s crop

2017-11-30 11.59.52

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Butterfly Garden

One of the most important parts of my vegetable garden is actually not vegetables–it’s the strip of zinnias I plant around the edge of the garden. I collect some seedheads every year but leave most of them out all winter for the birds. The butterflies love them!

I have monarchs, buckeyes, painted ladies, white and yellow sulphurs, red admirals, and more!


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We’re constantly fighting the chipmunks–we call them minivacs because of how quickly they take the bird feeder down. The feeder in this video by Steph was full yesterday!

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